7 New Useful Features In macOS Catalina

Choosing to upgrade your operating system is mostly a necessity-driven thing. Some features of your current system may not be as useful to you as they were or they’re starting to cause inconvenience because of being outdated. Some developers even force updates for particular apps to function properly. 

Whatever the case is if you’re contemplating to upgrade your macOS to the latest version, it is highly recommended that you do your research first and prepare your system – back-up and clean and everything in between.

macOS Catalina is the new and latest operating system by Apple for Mac devices. Released last October 2019, it is the sixteenth version of the macOS succeeding the macOS Mojave.

In the presentation below, we have listed 7 useful features and changes that Catalina macOS has introduced in its system and how you could possibly make your digital life easier with them.

1. Separate Entertainment Apps

In macOS Catalina, the iTunes app has been replaced by three separate entertainment apps – Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts – with the device management and back-up handled by Finder.

  • Apple Music app features an updated music player with on-screen lyrics and a combined mini-player to play music on the background, a revamped library with more centralized design, and the subscription payment option just within the app – including the iTunes.

  • Apple TV app features a wide selection of TV shows of more TV channels and movies from various streaming services, including the shows that you’ve previously bought in the iTunes store. It will also include Apple TV+, a premium service coming soon, that will offer exclusive original content, ad-free. Moreover, you can resume watching anytime and anywhere with your Apple devices as long as they are on sync. You can also binge-watch with your kids with the Kids Section that lets you pick child-friendly content. Apple TV on Mac and MacBooks made from 2018 and up supports Dolby Vision, Vision Plus, and Atmos for a total entertainment experience.

  • Apple Podcasts features an immersive library where you can see your show history including those you have subscribed to and recommendations based on yesults. You can search for specific keywords, names, and even guests for our activity. The search option is upgraded to produce better ra specific episode. You can also download these shows for later or offline listening. All of it is synced (once enabled) so you can switch your devices anytime you want.

2. Secondary Display or Extension

Sidecar is a new feature in macOS Catalina that lets you use your iPad to duplicate the screen of your Mac or serve as an extension of it. You can do this by having your Mac and iPad connected to each other via cable or within a 10-meter range wireless connection. You can work on a program on the main screen while viewing another on the second or you can treat both screens as one.

In addition, apps that support Sidecar lets you use an Apple Pencil to draw or sketch on apps in your Mac and sync or transfer them to your iPad, and vice versa. This is an ideal feature for users who engage in design and editing that need additional space to maximize productivity.

3. Personal and/or Parental Control with Screen Time

Screen Time is a feature that enables you to monitor and control your app usage by creating usage data reports as well as of all the connected devices, like your kids’. It does this by keeping track of the device’s uptime and the duration an app is being run. Screen time allows you to put a limit to this and create a specific schedule so that you (or your child) can only use certain apps at a set length of time.

If Screen Time is activated and you are in the middle of a task or conversation, you can tap the “One More Minute” option to wrap up what you’re doing or simply disable it if you wish to continue. For more parental control, you can also manage your children’s contact list and the persons they can talk with throughout the day or specific times.

4. More apps available to run across devices

More apps previously exclusive in iPadOS and iPhoneOS can now be enjoyed in macOS with Catalyst, a software development tool embedded in Catalina. If you’re using your Mac for work, you now get all the notifications in one device.

5.  Voice Control

The macOS Catalina introduces voice command control to be more inclusive in its market. Voice Command Control makes it possible for you to navigate your Mac with just your voice. Machine learning and processing within the device allows this feature with the improvement in the speech recognition engine used by Siri, so you can expect the latest advancement in machine learning. Here are some of the highlights of voice control:

  •  Accurate dictation
  •  Add custom words
  •  On-device processing
  •  Rich text editing
  •  Punctuation
  •  Word and emoji suggestions.
  •  Names, Numbers, Grids
  •  Transitions from dictation to commands
  •  Comprehensive app navigation
  •  Navigation commands
  •  Hover Text
  •  Zoom Display

There are several ways that this feature can benefit you, especially when multitasking. Its use is also indispensable for people who are differently-abled or with problems with motor functions that make it hard for them to normally interact with their computer.

6. Find Your Mac Even If It’s Asleep Or Offline

A combination of Find My Mac and Find My Friends, Find My app is the new app launched with macOS Catalina that allows you to locate your Apple devices even when they are asleep or offline. The app sends out a Bluetooth signal which can be detected by any nearby Apple device. Their relative location is then relayed to your device via iCloud. Apple ensures privacy and security in adding this feature with end-to-end encryption. This can always come handy especially to those who own multiple devices or those who maintain a busy schedule where you can easily lose track of your device in between activities.

7. Multiple Security Features

Apple prides itself on the privacy and security that it delivers for its users. In macOS Catalina, the system itself has its own dedicated internal volume that ensures its reliability and security from risks that might come from other data. This is evident with the separation of the macOS from various programs that previously run their code directly within the operating system. With Catalina separating them, you can now be sure that the OS will remain unaffected if ever these programs encounter a problem.

Another security measure that the new Catalina OS feature is the enhanced Gatekeeper, a virtual security guard that thoroughly scans and checks all the apps that you are attempting to install, including the app source, for known security issues. Gatekeeper is also dedicated to keeping your apps in check by periodically re-scanning them.

Catalina OS also prompts you for your permission before allowing any app to access your data and perform any logging activity within its place. Lastly, the activation lock feature now comes for your Mac. Provided that it has the Apple T2 security chip, your Mac can now only be erased and reactivated by you.

These features are compiled with what we think are helpful from the get go. There are still numerous other features that the new macOS Catalina has in store for you. It is up to you to see where they might be of perfect use.


Windows 10: Features That You Might Not Know About

As the new update of Windows 10 is here, you get to see several new features and enhancements to the operating system. There are visual enhancements, improvements to Windows update and more and better ways to shuffle across different devices and operating systems.

Windows 10 is offering several new features and powerful tools for technical geeks. Some of these features are relatively older while others were rolled out during Window 10’s latest update. But all these features are really helpful in saving time and eliminating headaches.

Here is the list of top 10 lesser-known Windows 10 features:

· Timeline

Timeline feature was rolled out as a part of Windows 10’s latest update. It is one of the most interesting features out there. This feature is like a history panel for your desktop programs and files. This feature allows you to see files that you have opened previously that too in sequential order. Moreover, you can select the files there and open them. This is a great way to manage your files and apps that you use regularly.

Timeline is linked with your Microsoft account, not your PC. which is why you can get access to your cloud files anywhere. You can use this feature to open and edit those files in no time on any device that you login to.

This feature is still not perfect as most of the software area not compatible with this feature, which is why app developers need to work on their apps. This is why this feature is limited to software developed by Microsoft for now. You can open Timeline through task view icon on taskbar or by tapping Windows key + tab on your keyboard.

· Cloud Clipboard 

Windows now enables you to sync your device with cloud, this enables you to edit your copied content from any device you are logged into. You can even adjust the content of your clipboard according to needs as well. There’s clipboard history viewer as well so that you can evaluate your content on your clipboard.

You can choose if you want your data synced to your cloud clipboard automatically or manually. The data stored in the cloud would be available for a certain period of time and can be accessed and edited at any point of time.

To enable this feature you need to open clipboard settings. You can open clipboard settings with the help of the search box and there you can toggle ON-Sync across devices.

You can automatically sync the text that you copy as well. You just choose option Automatically syncing according to your requirements. However, if you want all this to be manually chosen you can do that as well. You can turn on or off the clipboard history from there as well. 

· Nearby Sharing

It’s not always about sharing text between devices, and there is going to be a time when you won’t be having a flash drive with you. This is where this feature comes in handy. To enable nearby sharing, both the PCs will either need to be a part of the Insider program or just be up-to-date with the latest version of windows.

Open shared experiences in settings and toggle ON the nearby sharing button. Two apps are most suited for sharing data via nearby sharing: Microsoft Edge browser and Windows Explorer. Both these apps contain a share button which can be used to share the access of that file to another PC.

With the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, this feature lets you share files and URLs with local PCs. Although the transfer speed is relatively low which is why this feature is limited to its usage.

· Storage Sense

Over time, storage space becomes a really big issue to those who like to dump all their files into their PC. Downloads and Recycle Bin are the most common app and folder, as they accumulate tons of space on your PC. Storage sense is a feature that lets you delete most of the unused and unnecessary files from your PC. It automatically detects these unused files and deletes them for you.

You can turn ON storage sense by opening storage sense from settings. This will scan and delete all the files that haven’t been used for more than thirty days.

You can give more control to storage sense, as you can make this feature clear up the clutter on your drive folders as well.  It will just send those unused files to your cloud storage and would delete the file from your PC. Pretty convenient right?

· Dynamic Lock

This is a really important and useful feature for those who carry sensitive data on their laptops and PCs.  As you sometimes forget to lock your laptop before leaving and this might lead to potential theft of your sensitive data. With Windows 10’s dynamic lock you need now worry about that.

This feature pairs with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and automatically locks the paired PC or laptop when you wander away. You can activate this feature with a quick multi-step process where you pair your devices together. You can even decide how far away you need to be from your PC to initiate a dynamic lock.

· New Start Menu And Show Desktop Button

With the latest Windows 10 update, you see a different start menu with some new tweaks. You get a tiled start menu which can be modified according to your taste as well. You can even make your start menu cover up your complete desktop which looks really awesome.

However, you can even turn your start menu back into its older style. You can right-click on your start menu button and a textual jump menu will pop up with several handy options. Thereafter, you can just change all the start menu settings as you like.

On the bottom-right corner, there is a button that is hardly visible. This is your show desktop button. This is one of the handiest features on your PC. You can minimize all the folders and apps with just a click. There’s one another feature that most people don’t know about, that is when you hover over this button you can minimize windows. You can activate this feature using taskbar settings.

· Sandboxing Tool

This feature is like your free and reliable antivirus program. This powerful tool lets you check untrusted or virus-prone apps and files in a safe environment. You can launch the app from start menu and a new window will open where you can try and check out the suspicious files and apps.

This feature creates a virtual copy of your operating system where you can test all the files that you want and no harm will come to your PC or files.

However, this function is only available to professional, Enterprise and Education users running a 64-bit edition of the windows.

· Visually Refreshing

At first, you might not notice anything new with your update, but there are several tweaks in your new windows update giving it a more coherent look. You can now switch between light and dark modes.

The action center now contains a brightness slider as well. You will even see a little microphone icon in the notification area whenever any app tries to use microphone, this is a little security tweak for your own data protection.

· Cortana

You might have already noticed that Cortana icon is now embedded into the taskbar. Previously, clicking the search bar would wake up the voice assistant which was really annoying. With the new updated it is much easier and clear in terms of using search bar and Cortana.

· Offline maps

Now windows comes with a maps app that can be used to search different locations and for navigation purposes as well. You can even use this feature offline as well. You just need to download these regional maps and you’ll be able to get all the relevant information even when you are offline.

You can download these offline maps from settings. Where you can download offline maps for specific regions as well. There are several features that won’t work with offline maps but nevertheless, this feature is still really handy.


7 Ways You Can Secure Your Critical Data

What if your business’ critical data gets stolen? How would you and your business be going to cope up with this? Data security is seen as one of the major issues for every company these days. Getting your critical data compromised is definitely going to affect the progress and pace of your business.

So how safe is your data? There are mainly two ways how you store your critical data.

 Cloud Servers

As a business uses a cloud server, all its data is managed and maintained remotely. The user can access all of this stored data typically via the Internet. As all this cloud data is stored physically in a data center.

You should be cautious about choosing the right cloud data storage provider for your business.

You should always consider the following factors before investing in a cloud service:

  1.       How reliable are these data centers?
  2.       How do these servers protect your data from theft and viruses?
  3.       Where are these data centers located?
  4.       How often do they back up all the data?
  5.       What level of encryption does the provider offer?

On-premise Servers

As almost every on-premise server lacks security measures, which means that anyone in your office can get access to your critical files. There are several other issues with these servers as they can get physically damaged and the condition in which they are kept can affect their performance. Maintaining these servers can be really expensive as they need a dedicated temperature-controlled room. You are even required to use the latest anti-virus protection software to protect your data as well.

You should look at the following aspects while investing in these in-house servers:

  1. How secure are these servers?
  2. Who can get access to your data?
  3. How safe are these servers?
  4. What’s the status on your malware protection?
  5. What are the expenses?

As your business is pretty much dependent on the critical data that is stored on these servers, you should be really careful while deciding what is the most suitable option for your data storage. It should be your top priority that all your data is safe all the time. As cybercrime is increasing rapidly it is really important that you take all the necessary measures to protect your data. 

Here are some useful tips that you should consider to prevent data theft.

1. Regular Backup Of All The Data

This is the most simple and useful step for your data safety. It may sound really simple but its importance can never be underestimated. As backing up data takes a lot of time, it might get frustrating. But still, you ought to do it regularly. There are several options that you can consider to make backup process more efficient and fast. For instance, there are several plugins that you can use to automatically backup your website’s data. You can even use external hard disk drives to store all your physical data safely.

2. Safe Backup Location

This is really important as you must keep your data safe even after all the online backups. As a business, there are several critical files that you just can’t share even with your most trusted employees. Therefore, you must save all these critical files in a safe, secure and accessible location. This way all your files will be safe and you can access them anytime. This will also ensure that your data is safe even if there’s an accident at your office.

 3. Secure Messaging Apps

As most of the personal and work-related messaging occur through free and unencrypted chat apps, the risk of theft and leakage of data is pretty eminent. This is a grave security issue as well. As any of your conversations get compromised you do face a potential risk of loss of your valuable data and money. You could be held responsible for this loss and may get fired or sued from your own company.

As a business owner, you should invest in buying an end to end encrypted messaging app. This way only authorized users will be able to communicate with each other. All data sharing will be protected by anti-virus software as well

4. Data Encryption

Encryption is a process of encoding a message or file in such a way that it can only be accessed by a user with its encryption code. Data encryption is one of the safest ways to make sure that your data remains secure and it ensures that no unauthorized person or app could misuse this data. As you encrypt your data you also minimizes the risk of exposure and increase your credibility among your clients and users as a business service. However, you should keep the encryption keys somewhere safe, as without them all this data might become useless to you as well. It is really important that you encrypt your data when you store it online as it increases data security and prevents any misuse of your data.

5. Saving Data In A Cloud Storage

No matter how much you feel comfortable by storing your data on flash drives or hard drives, these drives may stop working at any point of time. Cloud storage is currently the best option for you to save your critical files online. This way any device failure will not result in loss of any data. You can even access your data from anywhere. 

However, there are several things that you consider before storing your files on cloud. There is a limit on how much you can store online and a stable and fast internet connection is necessary for smooth processing.

 6. Network Attached Storage

NAS can be seen as dedicated storage option that allows multiple users to share data over a network connection. Users on a local area network can access this shared storage with the help of a standard Ethernet connection. You can even increase their storage limit with the help of external hard disk drives. The main downside to NASs is that they are really expensive to install and maintain. You can’t share sensitive data through this platform as well.

 7. Cybersecurity Insurance

As the rate of cybercrimes is increasing rapidly and no matter how much you invest on your data security, eventually it might get compromised. This is where Cybersecurity insurance comes in handy. It is a service that offers protection to online attacks. As you might feel that this is really expensive option for you, but in case, your data security is breached you’ll be really grateful to yourself for getting cybersecurity insurance. The insurance company even provide you with several additional tools and recommendations for your help. 


Social Media

ICCCM Technique To Build Your Personal Brand With SMM

What is Personal Branding?

Thinking about ‘Brand’ brings into the mind the identity of a Company or Business. But the concept of a brand is beyond that. An individual, when earning an identity or popularity among masses for either a specific influence, service, achievement or activity, is said to have established oneself as a brand.

Personal Branding is a term referred to as a process of improving the brand value of oneself and managing the way one is presented among masses. Social Media sources are one of the prime platforms for personal branding. You might wonder why that is. The answer to your query would be available when you just type your details in Google Search.

When you are searching on Google, the top three links are usually from social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram, based on where your activities are recent as well as very frequent.

What are the benefits of a Personal Brand?

It is all about the effectiveness of a personal brand that reflects the influence one has on various social media handles. Anything from showcasing your work, getting clients for your services, sharing thoughts and having discussions can be done through personal branding. There are several benefits of establishing yourself as a brand:

  1.     More Clients: Personal Branding ensures that people recognize your efforts, understand your work and connect with you to avail your services. The better the brand, the higher the stream of clients you get.

  1.     Partnerships: You may get a chance to establish your business and build trusted partnerships with great other influencers and established brand names.
  2.     Leadership: You might get an opportunity to expand your team and manage larger client projects with effective leadership and teamwork.
  3.     Knowledge sharing: You get a chance to share your work with others in your field and converse with other established influencers to learn more.
  4.     Market Association: It is quite probable that once you are popularized and established, the market in your field of work opens for deeper associations for yours and well as the benefit of other businesses.
  5.     Credibility: People begin to trust and believe in you through your frank showcase of all your work and effort on social platforms. They find you credible and you get greater opportunities.
  6.     Recognition and Reputation: It is understood that you will be recognized far and wide through the web and get a highly reputable title for your work.

  1.     High Value: Finally, you would be able to call yourself a valued brand.

ICCCM Technique to Building Your Brand

There are 5 tips that we have collaborated to form a unique ICCCM technique to ensure that you can build yourself as a brand on Social Media Platforms, quite effectively.

1. Identify

This is the first part that requires thorough inside research. You need to examine what you do best and identify up to 3 areas of expertise. Any more than 3 would be a load and a lot confusing. Therefore, try and identify at a maximum of 3 categories or domains of your work.

Identifying here is necessary because what you wish to know needs to be clarified first. Also, since there are numerous and uncountable influencers and entrepreneurs in the world and in various niches, it would be advisable to find that particular niche of yours that is specific for you. This ensures that you can converse about it with people comfortably, talk from experience and provide effective solutions promptly.

Another thing to identify is at a place where the crowd stays. Best way to do that research and browse. Identify the key areas where your services are required and how people reach service providers. You need to find the target keywords people search when looking for someone like you. Since social media platforms work with hashtags, you can look for tools to aid you in keyword research.

So, now you have the data in hand, you can go about building your brand foundation.

2. Create

It is quite a necessity today that you have your social media handles on many platforms. Having one portal is not enough because sometimes, different workings showcase you in a little different light which potential clients are always interested in.

It is also better to ensure that all your social profiles consist of the same name, username, profile picture, information and contact details. This ensures seamless browsing of your profile and is always a plus for clients and audiences. Let us see how you can do that:

  1.     Impressive Name: A username that is unique to all relevant social media platforms and is an extension of you is the right brand name for you.
  2.     Consistent Full Name: It is best to ensure that all platforms have your name in the same manner first followed by the last name.
  3.     Identical Profile Photo: Ensuring that your profiles contain the same photo of you clicked in at least a semi-professional manner.
  4.     Unique Headline/Blurb: A short intro that is enough to understand what you do, what you offer and what you can achieve, is necessary.
  5.     Consistent Design/Look: A steady design and background to your profiles enable a creative insight into your personality. Additionally, an impressive logo, color scheme, and standard font family would do wonders for your outlook.

3. Converse

The best way to make yourself get noticed is to start conversations, begin discussions and make introductions. In short, get conversing. When you get people to find you, the next step is to engage them.

Share your views, work, ideas and expertise with them. Get active on all social handles. Post relevant content, share concerned posts and build engaging activities like polls, debates, posts inviting opinion sharing and so on. That increases the reach, invites engagements and improves clicks. This will enable your brand recognition and people will recognize you.

Building an effective social media marketing strategy would be beneficial. 

4. Connect

Only posting stories and ideas on your wall is not enough. It is necessary that you join communities and groups on all portals. That way you can be active on posts, ideas, and stories of others as well and your right comments just might click enough people to join your venture.

Building your following is crucial and connecting across groups and communities is the best way to do that. You can search for relevant mentors for yourself and follow them, take advice and learn more, ask questions and give answers, be confident and you can be on your way to success.

5. Monitor

Keep a track of who mentions you and respond to them. People reacting to your posts should be answered as well. A little show of gratitude if someone comments positive, can never go wrong. Responding quickly on social media platforms is always going to be positive for you.

To Conclude……

Personal Branding is often misunderstood as a practice by those who are looking to be popular on social media. But that is not the case. You can now ensure how you present yourself to the world online. This ICCCM technique will definitely aid you in your endeavors.



8 Common Android Problems And A Fix For Each!

Android phones sparked a tremendous rage among tech geeks and enthusiasts in the last few years, ever since their inception in the markets. The technology seemed to brighten the experience of using a handheld device and unlocked endless opportunities for users and app developers.

However, as the Android craze continued to mount and grip the attention of millions of people worldwide, the tech community becomes privy to an increasing number of issues with the mammoth automation.

Simply switching between phones might not be the feasible option that you seek, to overcome these issues. Let us discuss some common ways in which your Android smartphone could be annoying you, and easy switches toc tackle them.

1. Less Internal Memory

Have you ever stared at your Android screen and read the message ‘phone memory almost full’

Perhaps, this is one of those annoying messages that no user wishes to see. It means that in order to continue using the smartphone with ease, you need to let go of some old data, including pictures, audio and what not! Deleting data is not one of the easiest tasks and neither is it free of risk. After all, you could end up deleting some vital data and come to regret it later.

Instead of making that glum face and settling down to remove the data, utilize a cloud service to store your vital documents and photos that will keep your internal memory free for essential functions on the phone. Adding an external SD card to your phone might also help.

2. Facing Battery issues

A good battery life is essential to keep your device running in a reliable state. Battery issues can pose a prominent degree of problem for a user, who might feel inclined to switch from one device to another. No matter how high end your phone might be, if its battery life does not meet your expectations, you may find yourself plugging your phone to a charger more often than you may like.

A common way to fix this issue is by maintaining the charge on your phone between 8% – 80%. This will help increase your battery life by a stark 200%. Small steps like decreasing the brightness level on your phone, turning off location services and more, could also help.

3. A Slow Android Performance

Most of us make use of our Android phones, without realizing how small steps are leading us towards a slower and lethargic performance of the device. 

If you do not realize it already, start by taking a look at the number of applications you have installed on your phone. What matters, even more, is the type of these applications, which could potentially lower the performance of the phone.

Now, the simplest way to solve this issue is to manage and moderate the number of applications you store on your phone. Sometimes, heavy applications like Facebook and Google can also be the culprit behind this trouble but they are quite essential anyway. This calls for elimination of some other, non-value adding applications.

4. Inability To Download An Application

Sometimes, you could be in a fix and in need of an application in the nick of time, exactly when your Android phone may decide to act up and refuse to download the app. Did you know that your device could be harboring a ton of useless cache data that could be the culprit behind this?

One way to solve this issue is to erase such cache data manually, by heading over to the settings. Another simple way is to erase the history of the Google Play store. Removing and adding the associated account with the Google play store could also help.

5. Receiving Notifications After A Delay

This could be a major spoiler for you and your work. While it is okay to miss out on a bunch of entertainment notifications, it is when you start missing the vital ones that you could possibly find it problematic. Using the power saver feature is one of the main culprits behind this problem.

While a power saver option might not be an efficient way to save battery at all, it could cut down the performance of many features and affect connectivity and communication.

6. Disruption of Wi-Fi

Staying connected to a network is one of the essential requirements today. Whether you use cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection, you may come to need either of the networks at any time. A common issue that users face with their Android phones is that the network switches back to cellular mode after falling in sleep mode. This could be quite annoying and problematic.

This error occurs due to a Wi-Fi sleep policy that is exclusive to Android devices. To solve this, you can head to the advanced Wi-Fi settings on your phone and switch the Wi-Fi from Sleep to Never. Due to this setting, the network will never again switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data on its own.

7. Whatsapp Media Not Showing Up in The Gallery

One of the features of WhatsApp, which is partially loved and just equally hated by users is the automatic saving of media on the phone gallery. All the images from WhatsApp showing up in your gallery might be a problem and quite annoying.

To solve this problem, open the file explorer on your phone and head over to the folder with the WhatsApp images on it. Create a file with .nomedia in it, which will then hide away all the WhatsApp images from your gallery after a reboot.

8. Erratic Behavior of Applications

There are instances when a few apps always abort even after multiple attempts to start them or else, display of a number of advertisements on these apps, which seem to be unending.

The safest way to resolve this issue is to reboot the phone is safe mode, which will disable all third-party applications on the Android device. Later, you may uninstall those applications from your device.


So these are some of the basic problems that an android user faces while using his phone. We have devised some useful and quick fixes for these issues as well and we hope that they might work for you. If you have some contribution to make after what we have listed above, feel free to share them with us through the comments. 


Top 9 Gadgets That Will Never Fail To Impress You

Technology and innovation are constantly evolving today, which is why it is hard to keep track of every new release. All the more difficult is to decide which trends are worth keeping up to. The ever-changing landscape of the industry is marked with quick obsolescence and constant evolution.

This singular feature of the technology industry gives us a need to follow only the top and the best out of the lot. Here are 9 cool gadgets that made an exciting debut in this industry, only to become one of the most popular.

The coolest gadgets that will make you fall in love with them

1. GE C Color-changing smart bulbs

How innovated can a bulb get, before you start looking at it in awe!

Well, The GE C begs your amazement with its hubless design, which can be managed with the help of Bluetooth, connected with your smartphone. Get complete control of this bulb with an app and voice control and manage its operation from any corner of your home.

The GE bulb also supports Google Home compatibility, which is what makes it so cool and amenable to your use.

2. Companion Robot Pet

At some point in time, each one of us craves for the company of a pet. Though, quite a few of us are too scared to actually own one and maintain them in good condition.

Fret not! Technology comes to your companionship with an easy solution. How about petting a robotic animal? This robot can mimic or rather, stimulate the behavior and actions of a real pet. It will reach out to you for attention and interact with you as adoringly as a real pet. We see no reason why you won’t get the same level of contentment with this genius idea of a pet!

3. Rollable OLED TV by LG

From boxed television sets, we have stepped into an era where the flat-screen television made its debut only a few years back. Surely, a ‘rollable’ television couldn’t be right!

Though it truly is. This television set from LG can be actually folded and stored, almost like a mat. It displays UHD 4k resolution, which is the ultimate quality in the world of television spectrum. To state the obvious, it has the benefit of easy portability and storage, along with seamless transportation. And yes, it also connects to Amazon Alexa. Too much to ask for?

4. Temperature control mug by Ember

Picking up a cup of cold tea or coffee feels like a true disappointment, isn’t it? What if technology could solve this slight little problem for you too!

With this set of mug and saucer, you will never again have to take a cold sip again. It features an internal heating technology that controls the temperature of your beverage for up to an hour. To add to the sophistication, there is a Bluetooth enabled app that allows you to choose the temperature at which you would like to maintain your coffee 

5. Ambassador translator by Waverly

It can be quite embarrassing to pick a travel destination out of your bucket list only to land there and have trouble conversing with the locals. Apart from the confusion, you could potentially land yourself in dangerous situations due to the language barrier.

With the accurate translator from Waverly, you can get on the spot translations to an array of languages. The setup of the device is such that one piece of it stays in the ear, while the other is handed to the person speaking a different language. This works both ways.

6. Supercharged carry on luggage by Genius Pack

Packing is perhaps one element of travel that brings down the mood. Coupled with the limitation of storage is the trouble of carrying all necessities in a minimal manner.

With this travel bag, all your packing woes will come to an end. Weighing merely 6.8 pounds, you get a removable 10,000 mAh power pack with the suitcase. Also attached to it are two USB outlets that help you stay ready on the go. The exterior polycarbonate shell of the travel case makes it extremely durable and sturdy. A combination lock and 360-degree revolving wheels complete the ease of carrying for you.

Who could have thought that a suitcase could be so interesting!

7. Waterproof speakers

Not everyone has to be a gadget freak to love these kinds of innovations. Who does not love to hum tunes and sing, especially when they are alone in the bathroom!

It is never too late to enjoy your great taste in music, especially with these sturdy speakers which will never fail your mood. It comes with a variety of features and functionalities, so that you can use them to your hearts content.

8. Digital piggy bank

Almost everyone has spent their childhood collecting coins, depositing them in a piggy bank and having a lovely feeling of being the richest person on this planet. While that might not have been the honest reality, you can totally upgrade your childhood to a digital coin counting jar.

This jar lets you keep a track of the change stored in it, without you having to spend any time counting it separately. This is an efficient and smart way to store your change money, and find some when you need it, without having to waste any time and energy counting it.

9. A Headphone Splitter

Does it not feel annoying to share your headphones with someone, when you are watching something or listening to a song? Surely, at that time, the two headphones feel like too little a deal to be content with.

A headphone splitter is the thing that you need to get the confusion out of your life. With this device, you can connect multiple headphones to a port that allows each one of them to resonate the sound from a device, without the annoyance of having to share it. Now that’s some cool tech to have in your bag today.

There is really no end to the amazing world of technology and innovation, especially since it keeps evolving and reveal new disruptions that seem to alter the way things happen and can be done. We are sure that these cool tech solutions will interest you to the core and make you want to own them today! 


Car Tech

5 Future Car Technologies: Future Of Auto Industry

With the rise of technology, the auto industry is constantly moving forward in order to develop new and handier technologies that can completely change the future of the automobile world. There are cars the have high safety standards and card that look quite futuristic and out of this world. With constant innovation in this field, we see how automobile makers are trying to incorporate new and innovative technologies into their cars. There are thousands of small and huge technological changes that can completely revolutionize the transportation industry. 

So what waits for us in the future in terms of driving and transportation? Well, there is no certain way to find that we can surely hope that we are going to see some completely innovative, creative, and highly efficient changes in this industry. Some of these technologies would make our traveling more safer and some would increase the comfort level as we travel or drive. 

Let us take a look at some of the best technologies that look quite promising and might dominate the auto industry.

  • Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication

There are various car manufacturers and tech companies that are constantly trying to develop and way through which cars would be able to communicate with other cars as people drive on road. This is quite an interesting tech that can completely revolutionize the auto industry. 

For instance, if there are two cars that are approaching at a blind intersection point and one of the drivers did not see the other car. This is where this tech would come in handy. This tech would enable both the cars to notify the drivers as they approach near each other. This could prevent any accident that might happen. As this tech gets better the cars would be able to apply breaks making it much safer for the drivers. 

This technology has been named as Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication or V2V. With the help of wireless signals, this tech enables cars to determine the speed, location, and direction of other cars. Thereafter, all the information is shared with both the nearby cars so that they can maintain a safe distance between them. Moreover, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this tech can reduce the potentially reduce the number of road accidents. 

This technology will dramatically increase road safety across the globe. And many companies are trying to develop this tech so that it can be used in all the vehicles as soon as possible. 

  • AI-enabled Cars

As seen in the movies and tv shows where cars are high tech and can drive themselves on their own. This milestone is also not that far away in the future as well. There are cars that can park them automatically and several companies and tech giants are constantly developing this technology to make it more and more intuitive and efficient for every car segment. 

Many companies are trying to develop this tech and among them is Google that has been testing self-driving cars for more than 200,000 miles. With this, they are trying to observe how the car reacts to traffic lights, road signals, and other cars that are passing by. The engineers are trying to develop this AI to an extent where the cars would be able to drive and select the best route on their own. 

This technology can reduce the number of accidents as the drivers would not be driving thus preventing all the accidents that happen due to driver’s fault. This tech would also be solving the problem of traffic jams. 

  • AR Dashboards

We do have GPS displays and in-car displays that are quite informative and helpful as we drive. But the future of driving offers an interactive dashboard and windshield that would display any objects or obstacles that are there in front of your car. You will be notified and give a much safer alternate of your way as well. 

We do have these AR windshields in some of the high-end cars like BMW and Mercedes. But they are still not that high tech and responsive and you only get some of the basic information about the vehicle. But with the development of this tech, we would be able to get a lot more info and suggestion on our windshields.  Moreover, companies are trying to develop dashboards that are capable of detecting objects in front of the vehicle and would be suggesting the driver about the location of the object.

You will get warning signs and guidelines so that if you are moving too fast or there is any obstacle on the road you will be guided to a much safer lane in your car. This tech would also be integrated with GPS to provide a much seamless driving experience to the car driver. 

This will also help the mechanic if there are any problems with the car. The AR-enabled dashboard would indicate and pinpoint the main area of the problem and thereby saving a lot of time for both the mechanic and the owner. 

  • Smart Airbags

Ever since the discovery of airbags the safety of drivers has been improved dramatically. This is why auto companies are trying to make more use of airbags in order to make it more safe and secure for the car driver. 

Several car companies like Mercedes are trying to make these airbags more responsive. They are trying to make the best use of the airbags so that they can stop the cars in case the sensors detect a collision. This way the airbags would reduce the speed of your car and there will be no or comparatively less damage to the driver and vehicle. 

This idea is still at its initial phase but we might witness this tech very soon in every car that is out there. 

  • Energy Storing Body Panels

Electric vehicles are the next big thing and the batteries that are used in powering them are quite heavy as well. This is why engineers are trying to develop body panels that can store energy inside them and would be able to power up the car properly. These panels would charge themselves much faster than any traditional battery as well.

The panels would be able to charge themselves as the car moves, the regenerative braking system and the movement of the car would charge the body panels increasing the car’s range while decreasing its energy consumptions. 


iPhone 11 And 11 Pro: 10 Tips To Improve Your Video Quality

Both iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro are devices that boast stunning camera quality and features that are the best that you can get in any mobile phone. With their history of high-quality videos and vibrant images, it is safe to say that you can invest in an iPhone without any second thoughts. Although, we can say that the image quality of the iPhone can be matched by other high-end phones like Samsung Note 10 and Google Pixel, the video quality that you get from Apple devices is still the best you can get.  

In this article, we will be going through some of the best iPhone video tricks and tips that you can follow to make your videos more stunning and vibrant. 

  • Make Sure That Your Phone Is Rightly Positioned

It is really important that your mobile phone is positioned rightly as you capture your videos. Make sure that you shoot the videos keeping in mind the fact you might be uploading them to some social media platform in the future. For instance, if you are going to upload your video on your youtube channel you should try to shoot the video in the horizontal orientation that works best for the videos there. While vertical videos are better for Instagram. You should also keep in mind the fact that if you are going to edit and join multiple videos, all the videos should be in the same orientation. This way you can make professional-looking videos that you can share with your friends and family. 

  • Make Use Of 4k Videos

iPhone users get the option to record videos at 720p, 1080p, and 4K. Among them, 4K is the best recording option that you should go for. Although, with 4K you might get heavier video files, however, the quality that you will get would be the best.  

If you are running low on space then you can change the video setting by changing the video resolution to 720 or 1080p as well. You can even go into the camera setting to get more options so that you can optimize your videos according to your needs. 

  • Adjust Frame Rate According To Your Subject

You get the option to record your videos as 24 fps, 30 fps, 60 fps. You can choose the frame rate according to your subject and the motive of recording the video. For instance, you can choose 24 fps or 30 fps if you are recording any video vlog or you are recording any video that you are going to post on Facebook or Instagram. Whereas 60 fps is more suitable for recording objects that are in motion and you have good lighting as well. You even get editing tools such as iMovie that you can use to reduce the frame rate of your videos after recording them. This way you can make your videos more dreamy as well. 

  • Learn More About Slow-motion Videos

You can record slow-motion videos at 40 fps and 1080p with your iPhone. You also need to know that you will need more natural light in order to shoot crisp videos at higher frame rates, this is what makes shooting slow-motion videos tricky. 

Artificial lighting and slow-motion videos are not good combinations as you get several flaws in your videos as you watch them again on a big screen. 

  • Auto-focus And Auto-exposure 

This is an amazing and one of the most useful tools that you can use as you shoot photos or videos. You might have noticed that something the person that is there in the video gets way too bright and this is where Auto-Exposure comes to the rescue. You can tap on the camera screen and increase or decrease the exposure of your ongoing video. 

This is a really good way to control the details of your video making it look more appealing and detailed. You can even lock the exposure setting for a video as you hold on to the camera screen until you see a yellow square with “AF/AE LOCK” on your mobile screen. 

  • Use Zoom Wisely

With the iPhone, you get an optical and digital zoom. The optical zoom lets you capture videos at their natural zoom. While with iPhone 11 pro the third camera allows you to capture images and videos with 2X magnification. The magnification enables you to get the best quality videos from your iPhone. 

Whereas, when you use digital zoom, that just affects the quality of the image or video that you are capturing. This is why you should try to capture your videos without using digital zoom. Moreover, the effect of digital zoom can be minimized as you capture your videos in good lighting conditions. 

  • Zoom Dial To The Rescue

There are various ways with which you can zoom in and zoom out as you are recording your videos. But with the zoom dial, it is much easier for you to control your video as you zoom in or out. In the latest update of iOS, you get the zoom dial as you hold the magnification button for 2-3 seconds. 

  • Quick Take Videos

Just like Instagram, you can quickly shoot videos on your iPhone as you hold the recording button without switching to video mode. As soon as you are done recording you can let go of the recording button and your video will be saved in the Photos. This is a really good way for you to record videos just like some other popular social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. 

  • Video Editing

As you update get iOS 13 you get loads of edition tools that you can use to enhance your videos and photos. You just have to select the photo or video and click on the edit button. You get various editing tools that you can use to get the desired effect on your own without the need for any third-party editing application. You can even trim the beginning and end of the video to make it look more authentic and professional. 

  • Turn To Selfie Video For Vlogging

You get high-quality selfies videos with your Apple device. This is where you can use selfie videos for Vlogging purposes. You get all the options that you get with the back camera making it a perfect choice for Vlogging. Moreover, you can get an external mic in order to improve the sound quality of your videos. The in-built mic that you get is really good but when the subject is not so close to the mobile phones it gets a little tricky. This is why you should invest in an external mic if you need excellent quality sound for your videos.