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5 Future Car Technologies: Future Of Auto Industry

With the rise of technology, the auto industry is constantly moving forward in order to develop new and handier technologies that can completely change the future of the automobile world. There are cars the have high safety standards and card that look quite futuristic and out of this world. With constant innovation in this field, we see how automobile makers are trying to incorporate new and innovative technologies into their cars. There are thousands of small and huge technological changes that can completely revolutionize the transportation industry. 

So what waits for us in the future in terms of driving and transportation? Well, there is no certain way to find that we can surely hope that we are going to see some completely innovative, creative, and highly efficient changes in this industry. Some of these technologies would make our traveling more safer and some would increase the comfort level as we travel or drive. 

Let us take a look at some of the best technologies that look quite promising and might dominate the auto industry.

  • Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication

There are various car manufacturers and tech companies that are constantly trying to develop and way through which cars would be able to communicate with other cars as people drive on road. This is quite an interesting tech that can completely revolutionize the auto industry. 

For instance, if there are two cars that are approaching at a blind intersection point and one of the drivers did not see the other car. This is where this tech would come in handy. This tech would enable both the cars to notify the drivers as they approach near each other. This could prevent any accident that might happen. As this tech gets better the cars would be able to apply breaks making it much safer for the drivers. 

This technology has been named as Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication or V2V. With the help of wireless signals, this tech enables cars to determine the speed, location, and direction of other cars. Thereafter, all the information is shared with both the nearby cars so that they can maintain a safe distance between them. Moreover, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this tech can reduce the potentially reduce the number of road accidents. 

This technology will dramatically increase road safety across the globe. And many companies are trying to develop this tech so that it can be used in all the vehicles as soon as possible. 

  • AI-enabled Cars

As seen in the movies and tv shows where cars are high tech and can drive themselves on their own. This milestone is also not that far away in the future as well. There are cars that can park them automatically and several companies and tech giants are constantly developing this technology to make it more and more intuitive and efficient for every car segment. 

Many companies are trying to develop this tech and among them is Google that has been testing self-driving cars for more than 200,000 miles. With this, they are trying to observe how the car reacts to traffic lights, road signals, and other cars that are passing by. The engineers are trying to develop this AI to an extent where the cars would be able to drive and select the best route on their own. 

This technology can reduce the number of accidents as the drivers would not be driving thus preventing all the accidents that happen due to driver’s fault. This tech would also be solving the problem of traffic jams. 

  • AR Dashboards

We do have GPS displays and in-car displays that are quite informative and helpful as we drive. But the future of driving offers an interactive dashboard and windshield that would display any objects or obstacles that are there in front of your car. You will be notified and give a much safer alternate of your way as well. 

We do have these AR windshields in some of the high-end cars like BMW and Mercedes. But they are still not that high tech and responsive and you only get some of the basic information about the vehicle. But with the development of this tech, we would be able to get a lot more info and suggestion on our windshields.  Moreover, companies are trying to develop dashboards that are capable of detecting objects in front of the vehicle and would be suggesting the driver about the location of the object.

You will get warning signs and guidelines so that if you are moving too fast or there is any obstacle on the road you will be guided to a much safer lane in your car. This tech would also be integrated with GPS to provide a much seamless driving experience to the car driver. 

This will also help the mechanic if there are any problems with the car. The AR-enabled dashboard would indicate and pinpoint the main area of the problem and thereby saving a lot of time for both the mechanic and the owner. 

  • Smart Airbags

Ever since the discovery of airbags the safety of drivers has been improved dramatically. This is why auto companies are trying to make more use of airbags in order to make it more safe and secure for the car driver. 

Several car companies like Mercedes are trying to make these airbags more responsive. They are trying to make the best use of the airbags so that they can stop the cars in case the sensors detect a collision. This way the airbags would reduce the speed of your car and there will be no or comparatively less damage to the driver and vehicle. 

This idea is still at its initial phase but we might witness this tech very soon in every car that is out there. 

  • Energy Storing Body Panels

Electric vehicles are the next big thing and the batteries that are used in powering them are quite heavy as well. This is why engineers are trying to develop body panels that can store energy inside them and would be able to power up the car properly. These panels would charge themselves much faster than any traditional battery as well.

The panels would be able to charge themselves as the car moves, the regenerative braking system and the movement of the car would charge the body panels increasing the car’s range while decreasing its energy consumptions. 

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