Top 9 Gadgets That Will Never Fail To Impress You

Technology and innovation are constantly evolving today, which is why it is hard to keep track of every new release. All the more difficult is to decide which trends are worth keeping up to. The ever-changing landscape of the industry is marked with quick obsolescence and constant evolution.

This singular feature of the technology industry gives us a need to follow only the top and the best out of the lot. Here are 9 cool gadgets that made an exciting debut in this industry, only to become one of the most popular.

The coolest gadgets that will make you fall in love with them

1. GE C Color-changing smart bulbs

How innovated can a bulb get, before you start looking at it in awe!

Well, The GE C begs your amazement with its hubless design, which can be managed with the help of Bluetooth, connected with your smartphone. Get complete control of this bulb with an app and voice control and manage its operation from any corner of your home.

The GE bulb also supports Google Home compatibility, which is what makes it so cool and amenable to your use.

2. Companion Robot Pet

At some point in time, each one of us craves for the company of a pet. Though, quite a few of us are too scared to actually own one and maintain them in good condition.

Fret not! Technology comes to your companionship with an easy solution. How about petting a robotic animal? This robot can mimic or rather, stimulate the behavior and actions of a real pet. It will reach out to you for attention and interact with you as adoringly as a real pet. We see no reason why you won’t get the same level of contentment with this genius idea of a pet!

3. Rollable OLED TV by LG

From boxed television sets, we have stepped into an era where the flat-screen television made its debut only a few years back. Surely, a ‘rollable’ television couldn’t be right!

Though it truly is. This television set from LG can be actually folded and stored, almost like a mat. It displays UHD 4k resolution, which is the ultimate quality in the world of television spectrum. To state the obvious, it has the benefit of easy portability and storage, along with seamless transportation. And yes, it also connects to Amazon Alexa. Too much to ask for?

4. Temperature control mug by Ember

Picking up a cup of cold tea or coffee feels like a true disappointment, isn’t it? What if technology could solve this slight little problem for you too!

With this set of mug and saucer, you will never again have to take a cold sip again. It features an internal heating technology that controls the temperature of your beverage for up to an hour. To add to the sophistication, there is a Bluetooth enabled app that allows you to choose the temperature at which you would like to maintain your coffee 

5. Ambassador translator by Waverly

It can be quite embarrassing to pick a travel destination out of your bucket list only to land there and have trouble conversing with the locals. Apart from the confusion, you could potentially land yourself in dangerous situations due to the language barrier.

With the accurate translator from Waverly, you can get on the spot translations to an array of languages. The setup of the device is such that one piece of it stays in the ear, while the other is handed to the person speaking a different language. This works both ways.

6. Supercharged carry on luggage by Genius Pack

Packing is perhaps one element of travel that brings down the mood. Coupled with the limitation of storage is the trouble of carrying all necessities in a minimal manner.

With this travel bag, all your packing woes will come to an end. Weighing merely 6.8 pounds, you get a removable 10,000 mAh power pack with the suitcase. Also attached to it are two USB outlets that help you stay ready on the go. The exterior polycarbonate shell of the travel case makes it extremely durable and sturdy. A combination lock and 360-degree revolving wheels complete the ease of carrying for you.

Who could have thought that a suitcase could be so interesting!

7. Waterproof speakers

Not everyone has to be a gadget freak to love these kinds of innovations. Who does not love to hum tunes and sing, especially when they are alone in the bathroom!

It is never too late to enjoy your great taste in music, especially with these sturdy speakers which will never fail your mood. It comes with a variety of features and functionalities, so that you can use them to your hearts content.

8. Digital piggy bank

Almost everyone has spent their childhood collecting coins, depositing them in a piggy bank and having a lovely feeling of being the richest person on this planet. While that might not have been the honest reality, you can totally upgrade your childhood to a digital coin counting jar.

This jar lets you keep a track of the change stored in it, without you having to spend any time counting it separately. This is an efficient and smart way to store your change money, and find some when you need it, without having to waste any time and energy counting it.

9. A Headphone Splitter

Does it not feel annoying to share your headphones with someone, when you are watching something or listening to a song? Surely, at that time, the two headphones feel like too little a deal to be content with.

A headphone splitter is the thing that you need to get the confusion out of your life. With this device, you can connect multiple headphones to a port that allows each one of them to resonate the sound from a device, without the annoyance of having to share it. Now that’s some cool tech to have in your bag today.

There is really no end to the amazing world of technology and innovation, especially since it keeps evolving and reveal new disruptions that seem to alter the way things happen and can be done. We are sure that these cool tech solutions will interest you to the core and make you want to own them today!