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Slow surfing with ComHem modems

If you are a customer of ComHem and you experience that your internet is very slow or doesn't work at all when Voddler is running, you might have to make a small change in your router if you have any of these modems below.

Cable modem Cisco EPC2425 and EPC2434
Do as follow:

1.    Enter the address in your browser
2.    Type your password. If you don’t have a password just click OK and set a password in the next step.
3.    Go to the tab ”set up”
4.    Click on Firewall > Options
5.    Untick the box ”IP Flood Detection” and press ”Apply”

Modem Netgear CG 3100
If your "floodcontrol" is on, you need to turn it off to make Voddler work.

1. Enter the address in your browser.
2. The default settings to login to your router with, if you haven't chosen a login before is:

  • login: admin
  • password: password
3. Go to firewall settings and look for one of these options:

  • udp ip protection
  • ip flooding
  • ip flood control services
When you have found one of these, turn it off and Voddler should work.