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ViewShare and your ViewShare Family

Voddler lets you invite your friends to watch the movies you have on your LiveShelf. 

We call this ViewShare, since you are sharing your viewing rights with your friends.

You can ViewShare with the friends you have in your ViewShare Family network.  Your network can consist of max 10 people.

In your ViewShare Family, you will of course also see all the movies that your friends have ViewShared. So be sure to check your LiveShelf often to see if you have any new ViewShares to watch.

How to ViewShare a movie
There are two ways:

1. Click YES on the ViewShare-toggle on a movie's individual page.
2. Go to My Movies in your account and use the toggle ON/OFF for ViewShare next to the movies in your listing

What happens when I ViewShare?
The movie you ViewShare is made available to everyone in your ViewShare Family so they can all watch them.  They will see the movie appear in the ViewShare-tray on their LiveShelf.

Why can't I ViewShare all movies?
You can always ViewShare the movies you upload yourself to your LiveShelf.  However, the movies that are available as rentals or purchases are not all enabled for ViewShare. If they are depend on whether the film studio has approved to it or not.

How do I see who is in my ViewShare Family and how do I invite people to my ViewShare Family?
You can do all that on the My ViewShare Family-part of your account pages.