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Managing VoddlerNet

VoddlerNet is Voddler's patented streaming solution that makes streaming more efficient and gives you a better video quality. It builds on asking every Voddler-user to install a small VoddlerNet-application on their computers. This app uses some space on your harddrive and also uses some bandwidth from your Internet connection to stream our movies. You can of course turn it off if you want and you can also easily uninstall VoddlerNet from your computer.

Find the VoddlerNet Manager on your computer

On a PC
VoddlerNet Manager is found in the bottom right corner of your computer, in the task tray. The task tray is where the application icons of your computer are collected, right next to time and date. By double clicking the VoddlerNet icon you can see whether you are connected to VoddlerNet or not.

On a Mac
VoddlerNet Manager is found under "System Preferences" of your computer. Under groupename "Other" you will find "VoddlerNet". Double click the icon and you will now be able to start/stop your VoddlerNet

Turning VoddlerNet on and off
When you start your computer the VoddlerNet application turns on automatically. It starts "talking" to other VoddlerNet-computers and pass content to other Voddler users.

You can manually start and stop VoddlerNet. This is especially important when travelling with your computer.

  1. Open the VoddlerNet Manager (see above on how to.)
  2. Choose Start or Stop.

Voddler uses your bandwidth, so make sure you turn it off, for instance if you travel abroad.

Uninstall VoddlerNet
Here is how to uninstall the VoddlerNet application completely from your computer:

Uninstall Voddler from your PC:
  1. Open your control panel
  2. Click on Add/Remove Programs
  3. Look for Voddler and choose Remove

Uninstall Voddler from your Mac:
  1. Click on the VoddlerNet icon.
  2. Choose Admin
  3. Choose Uninstall

Restart VoddlerNet
Some errors on Voddler might require a restart of VoddlerNet:

  1. Open the VoddlerNet manager.
  2. Click Stop
  3. Click Start
  4. Start the movie again
If this doesn't t work to restart VoddlerNet, try this instead, which will make changes to your VoddlerNet properties:

  1. Click Start and choose Run. If you can't find Run, click Windowskey+R and the Run-box will appear.
  2. Write: services.msc
  3. Scroll down to VoddlerNet
  4. Rightclick the VoddlerNet service and choose properties.
  5. Choose tab Log on
  6. Select local system account
  7. Click OK