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Voddler's platforms

You can watch Voddler on computers, mobile phones, tablets - and why not connect your computer to your TV!

Our current platforms are

Computer, via
  • PC
  • Mac

Mobile phone and tablet, with apps:

  • iPhone (free from App store)
  • iPad (one-time purchase from App store)
  • Android phone (free from Android Market)
  • Lumia Windows Phone (free from Windows Marketplace, but only available for Nokia Lumia)
  • Symbian (free on Nokia Store)
  • MeeGo (free on Nokia store)
Given commercial and license restrictions, not all movies are available on all platforms.

On each movie's page, we list which platforms you can see that particular movie.

Good to know:

VoddlerNet or server-based streaming?
We stream the majority of our movies using our own streaming technology VoddlerNet. To watch these movies, you need to download and activate the VoddlerNet-client. However, some movies, primarily the latest blockbusters that we offer as rental movies, are streamed using direct streaming, also called CDN-streaming. For those movies, you don't need the VoddlerNet-client running on your computer.

Voddler does currently not support Linux-based systems, due to license restrictions.

Connected TVs and gaming consoles
Voddler is not available with dedicated apps for connected-TVs or gaming consoles, such as Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Wii.