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Download movies for offline use

Voddler streams movies online. But we also offer the opportunity to download all our movies, so you can take them with you when you travel or when the Internet-connection is wobbly.

Download our rental movies
Download them after you've rented. You then have 14 days to use your 48 hour viewing period.

Download our free movies.
To download our fre movies, you need to be a Voddler Plus-member. You then keep each movie for 30 days until it is deactivated. You can watch it as much as you want during that time, and you can also always download the movie again.

The size of a downloaded movie depends on how long it is and its resolution (HD-movies are larger than movies in standard resolution).  As a rule of thumb, a 90-minute movie in standard resolution is 1 - 2 GB, and the same movie in HD is about 2 - 3 GB.

Good to know:

Decide first

You decide when you start the movie if you want to stream it or download it. Please note that you cannot change in the middle: once you've decided to download, you cannot change to streaming without starting over completely, and vice versa

You need our offline player
To watch downloaded Voddler movies, you need our specific offline player, which is a free and automatic download the first time you want to download a movie.

Clear up space!
You can at any time delete a downloaded Voddler movie from your hard drive.

More answers to your questions about downloading our movies

How does it work?
You decide when you are online which movies you want to download so you can watch them when go offline. You click "Rent movie" or "Play movie", choose "Download for offline play" and then download the movie to your computer. For rental titles, you have 24 hours to complete the download after you've rented the movie.

Can I download all movies on Voddler?
Yes. To start with, everyone can download any of our rental movies. The only thing you need is your free Voddler account. In addition, you can also download all our thousands of free movies - but then you need to be a paying Voddler Plus-member.

Please note: There are a few titles that you cannot download, since their content owners have not granted us rights to use "offline mode" for these specific titles.

For how long can I watch my offline movies?
For rental movies, once you have downloaded the movie, you have 48 hours viewing period to be used within 14 days.

For free movies - also marked PLAY on Voddler - you have 30 days after you have downloaded it before it is deactivated. During that time, you can watch the movie as many times as you want, and you can also download the same movie as many times as you like.  (Please remember though that you have to be a Voddler Plus-member to download our free movies.)

What do I need to play Voddler’s offline movies?
Watching movies in offline mode requires our offline player and Adobe Air, which is a one-time free download the first time you download a movie for offline use.

How do I get started?
With Voddler, it always starts with the movies. So first find a movie that you want to download and see offline. Then, if it’s the first time you download a movie for offline viewing, you’ll be prompted automatically to download our Offline Player and Adobe Air. It is a free installation you only do one time.  Once the installation is completed, your movie will begin to download.

How long does it take to download a movie for offline use?
It depends of course on how fast your Internet connection is, but also on many other variables that is connected to how VoddlerNet is working. But as a rule of thumb, a typical movie on a standard web connection will take about 30-45 minutes to download. An HD movie will take about twice that time, given that it is normally twice the file size.

Can I watch movies offline in Voddler’s mobile apps too?
At this time, offline viewing of our films is only available on the computer.

Why does the film buffer or play choppily even though I have it downloaded?
How smooth the playback of your movie is depends on many other factors than being online or offline. It depends largely on the graphics card that your computer has, and also on the processing power of your computer.  A tip: if you are using an external screen connected to your computer (like we know many of our customers do, connecting their computer to their large TV screen), select to show the same image on the computer as on the external screen.

Why is the film pixelated, making the image look like it has a lot of squares?
It most likely has to do with the graphics card on your computer. If your hardware manage high bitrate video you could change the player settings to “High” for a sharper picture. The default setting is "Normal."

I downloaded one of your rental movies and watched it – and now I want to rent it again and watch it a second time. Can I?
During your 48 hour rental period, you can watch the movie as many times as you'd like. But after those 48 hours have passed, you will be unable to re-rent it for offline use for 14 days (counting from the day you first rented the movie) due to licence policies. You can however rent it for online viewing during that period. We are working to remove this restriction.

How many movies can I download for offline mode?
The only limit is the computers capacity so the offline player can become a bit slow if you have a lot of movies downloaded at the same time, so we recommend having a maximum of 10 movies downloaded.