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Manage your Voddler account

Your Voddler account contains your login information, history of your purchases, privacy settings, Facebook connect, and much more.

Find and manage your Voddler account

  1. Login to Voddler
  2. Click on "My account" on the top right hand corner of the page.
  3. Use the tabs to find the information you want to change and make the changes you need.

Good to know

If you have Voddler Tickets, maybe as a gift from someone or after buying a Voddler Stack from our shop, your Tickets are all listed here.

Privacy settings
Use these to set if you want to show your playlist and favorites publicly to everyone.

Use this tab to invite friends to follow you on Voddler. This does not require a connection to Facebook, but if you do connect your Voddler- and Facebook-accounts this feature will be even more powerful.

Adult Content
Set the Adult Content Filter to ON if you want to hide erotic content on the site. Set it to OFF if you want erotic content to be displayed.