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The chart on the “movieinfo page” shows on which platform you can see this film and for the web if you need to have VoddlerNet installed or not.
Our current platforms are
•    Web (through PC and Mac)
•    iPhone/iPad (device specific application on App store)
•    Android phone (device specific application on Android-Market)
•    Symbian (device specific application on OVI store)
•    MeeGo (device specific application on OVI store)
•   Windows Phone (only Lumia, device specific application on OVI store)

On the web could a movie be viewed on the computer either with the VoddlerNet client or CDN streaming or booth as carrier of the video stream (marked in the chart). If streaming is "marked" you don''t need to install any client.

For all mobile devices is CDN streaming the technique for carry out the video  stream.

Streaming techniques we use
•    VoddlerNet  our own technique for sending data, read more about how it works
•    CDN streaming