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How It Works

Voddler LiveShelf, featuring ViewShare, is your online space for all your video needs.

Creating our own personal LiveShelf is free. All you have to do is create a login on Voddler. 

You can then fill your LiveShelf with movies and TV-series in many ways.

The world's leading film studios already offer their movies, documentaries and series directly in your LiveShelf, as easy rental or purchase.  Some are also available free and shown with advertising before the film starts.

You can also upload your own movies files, too!  Stop saving physical discs with your favorite films. Upload them instead to your Voddler LiveShelf so you can access them whenever you want, without having to remember where you left that disc.

And you can also invite friends to watch the movies you have on your LiveShelf!  We call this ViewShare.  Create your own personal network on Voddler - called your ViewShare Family - and start inviting each other to watch each other's movies.   (Your ViewShare Family is limited to 10 friends.)

Voddler is free, completely legal and developed in close discussion with the world's leading film studios