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A Slipping Down Life
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A Slipping Down Life

Evie Decker (Taylor) is a painfully timid young woman, whose monotonous life consists of living with her widower father and working a dead end job dressed in a rabbit costume at a run down amusement park. Her quiet existence is shattered, when she hears a late night radio interview with the struggling musician, Drumstrings Casey (Pearce). Evie is instantly fascinated with his seductive voice and sultry lyrics and convinces her best friend Violet to go with her to the local roadhouse to see him perform. During the show, she falls so much under a spell, that she carves his name in her forehead with a piece of glass (Unfortunately for her, though, what she etched was YESAC, as she looked into a mirror when she cut herself). Her actions reach the local news, and naturally, the manager of the band sees an immediate opportunity to get some national, but cheap PR. At the same time, Casey and Evie become increasingly infatuated with each other, and they soon know, that their fates are unbreakably tied to each other… But love is a painful song all right!

Drama, Romance
Run time
1h 48min
Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish
Smile Entertainment
Toni Kalem
Written by
Toni Kalem
Bruno Kirby, Guy Pearce, John Hawkes, Lili Taylor
© 2015 Copyright Smile Entertainment, All rights reserved.
User reviews (3)
  • Avatar of vanillacoke
    5 years ago
    Cute lovestory, crap music, a bit slow but good performance by Lily Taylor as usual. Only 2/5 for me, a slow sunday flick.
  • Avatar of shitcreek
    5 years ago
    Fick 4/5 från mig.
  • Avatar of shitcreek
    5 years ago
    Marked as spoiler View Hide
    Kunde bli ganska tråkig emellanåt, med alla gräl och tjafs. Men å andra sidan bättre att visa sånt än att allt är perfekt hela tiden.

    Ganska gulligt slut iallafall. En slags "feelgood-movie".