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Ice 2020: Night 1
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Ice 2020: Night 1

It is 2020. Findings by environmental scientist Professor Thom Archer suggest that Halo, the corporate energy company drilling on the Greenland Glacier are causing it to melt. Archer's warnings are ignored, so he heads to the Arctic to find indisputable evidence. Upon arrival, he realizes humankind is under immediate threat, and races home to save his family. The glacier collapses, with devastating consequences. Astonishing weather patterns emerge and plunge the world's temperatures into steep declinePart 1 of a two-part series - so after watching this don't miss "Ice 2020: Night 2"!

Action, Thriller
Run time
1h 30min
Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish
Nick Copus
Written by
Ray Harding
Ben Cross, Brooke Williams, Claire Forlani, Daniel Sing, David E. Woodley, Erin Mullally, Frances O'Connor, Gareth Reeves, Jaime Passier-Armstrong, Nathaniel Lees, Patrick Bergin, Richard Roxburgh, Sam Neill
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User reviews (7)
  • Avatar of pauth
    3 years ago
    Great movie. +++++
  • Avatar of bante
    3 years ago
    Medeltemperaturen på jorden har varit så mycket som 15 grader högre än idag.
    Normalt sett har polerna inte varit frusna.
    Mänskiligheten kommer inte att dö ut av höjd medeltemperatur, det som makthavare oroar sej för är maktskifte.
    Det är normalt att icke lämpade arter dör ut.
    Det är normalt me återkommande massdöd för förnyelse.

    Vad är intressant i denna film?
  • Avatar of volkodav
    4 years ago
    This is part 1 of 2. It is a very fine movie about our future. We will have an energy crisis. And maybe also a melting of the polar caps. Then increasing sea levels. And a global catastrophe. That is a "green fascist" movie, when it is at its´ best. Hail, hail. I give it 3 stars out of 5, as a movie. It is really not that well made, but for "message to the viewer", I give it two extra stars. So 5 out of 5. Every one of us should see this movie. Just to know what is coming at us in 2030 or 2040 AD. Buy a warm hat, boys and girls!