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Carnage (HD)
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Carnage (HD)

Two sets of parents decide they need to meet after their 11-year old sons have had a fight in school. Based on the play by Yasmina Reza, and directed by legendary auteur Roman Polanski, Carnage pits power couple Nancy (Academy Award-winner Kate Winslet from Mildred Pierce, The Reader) and Alan Cowan (Academy Award-winner Christoph Waltz from Water for Elephants, Inglourious Basterds) against the liberal writer and campaigner Penelope Longstreet (Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster from Panic Room, The Silence of the Lambs) and her wholesaler husband, Michael (John C. Reilly from We Need to Talk About Kevin, Magnolia). Unpredictable and shocking, the film hilariously exposes the hypocrisy lurking behind their polite facade...Following a playground scuffle between their 11-year old children, the parents of the "victim" have invited the parents of the "bully" to their apartment to sort it out. Cordial banter gradually develops a razor-sharp edge as all four of the well-heeled parents reveal their laughable contradictions and grotesque prejudices. None of them will escape the ensuing carnage in this hilarious new comedy.

Run time
1h 19min
Danish, Swedish
Noble Entertainment
Roman Polanski
Written by
Roman Polanski
Christoph Waltz, Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly, Kate Winslet
© 2015 Copyright Noble Entertainment, All rights reserved.
User reviews (3)
  • Avatar of tarras
    3 years ago
    4,8 / 5
    Lars Norén meets Brooklyn. Another masterpiece from Maestro Norman. I would love to see this on a theatre stage.
  • Avatar of mariandel127
    3 years ago
    I realized that the movie is about self-esteem, affirmation, and to feel that one is good enough ...

    Movie shows various mirroring ... from adult to adult, adult to child, and finally one child to another ... The assertion is the core of building self-esteem in childhood. We need this in order to develop our skills, talents and characteristics. To be confirmed is to get the sparks to the joy of living. In psychology this is called mirroring.

    Parents and other significant adults reflect and respond to our existence as small. The success of these adults succeed in reflecting the child also depends on their own experience of mirroring has been. Mirroring continues throughout life.
  • Avatar of anderssjoman
    3 years ago
    Roman Polanski is back! This time with a "chamber piece" with four actors. Love it!