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Iron Sky
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Iron Sky

Already a cult classic, now on Voddler! Truly crowdsourced and crowdfunded WITH the audience. In 1945, the nazis fled to the the moon. In 2018, they're coming back. At the end of the Second World War, the nazis fled to the dark side of the moon and built a secret moon base, a fleet of space ship and a plan to return and conquer Earth! When an American astronaut lands too close to the base, he's captured. The nazis find his smart phone - a revolutionary technical breakthrough that will propel them to finally return to Earth. They just need more smart phones... A small crew return to Earth - and to start the reign of the Fourth Reich.

Scifi / Fantasy, Comedy
Run time
1h 33min
Danish, Swedish
Noble Entertainment
Timo Vuorensola
Written by
Johanna Sinisalo
Alexander J. Beck, Andrew Buchanan, Christopher Kirby, Götz Otto, Jim Knobeloch, Julia Dietze, Kym Jackson, Martin Grelis, Michael Cullen, Monika Gossmann, Nick Dong-Sik, Peta Sergeant, Stephanie Paul
© 2015 Copyright Noble Entertainment, All rights reserved.
User reviews (9)
  • Avatar of movidax
    3 years ago
    Far out! Handling tunn som vatten men vem bryr sig? Den är ju full med rymdnassar, rymdzepelinare och nasseufon. Helt klart en kult rulle. Nasse rymddräkterna är underbara.
  • Avatar of chrissjan
    3 years ago
    Technically well done for a supposedly low budget movie. Quite a lot of Finnish humor here and there. The Matriarcal Madam President being like a school teacher for a bunch of unruly boys in the assembly. Fun! But the end came too soon and too sudden. The Göttendähmung could have done more than just getting to shoot once before it crashed. But movie time is a limit.
  • Avatar of Vaalerenga
    3 years ago
    I tought it was disappointing movie. it was borring it was weird it was simply terrible. id rather tape the news and watch them over and over again.