{"numComments": 95, "comments": [{"body": "En riktigt bra film. Verkligen sev\u00e4rd till sista sekunden!!!", "itemId": "2721821284152390586", "title": null, "metaRating": 1, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": null, "username": "jenwel", "firstname": "Jenny", "countryCode": "SWE", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "f", "age": 37, "userId": "2756645979196348196", "numUsersFollowing": 0, "lastname": "Welarius", "privacyMode": "PUBLIC", "hasPublicProfile": false}, "ownerId": "2756645979196348196", "creationDate": 1310417876, "id": "2798385724770289850"}, {"body": "s\u00e4msta jag har varit med om, g\u00e5r inte ens att starta skiten pga att den stannar p\u00e5 33%......", "itemId": "2721821284152390586", "title": null, "metaRating": 1, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": "", "username": "bengblaj", "firstname": "bengt-ove", "countryCode": "SWE", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "m", "age": 58, "userId": "2788189941933482754", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "svanstr\u00f6m", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2788189941933482754", "creationDate": 1302548038, "id": "2788190074237361850"}, {"body": "Pretty good, 4/5 from me", "itemId": "2721821284152390586", "title": null, "metaRating": 0, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": "Krager", "username": "Paal_a", "firstname": "P\u00e5l", "countryCode": "NOR", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "m", "age": 24, "userId": "2774480800259292903", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "Andre", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2774480800259292903", "creationDate": 1320790836, "id": "2798385728823097530"}, {"body": "Someone have problem with the mac version of voddler?", "itemId": "2721821284152390586", "title": null, "metaRating": 0, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": "Kristiansand", "username": "cmoen11", "firstname": "Christian", "countryCode": "NOR", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "m", "age": 24, "userId": "2788189941626964499", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "Moen", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2788189941626964499", "creationDate": 1319118131, "id": "2798385727909079866"}, {"body": "Definitely a good movie.\nA lot better then expected.", "itemId": "2721821284152390586", "title": null, "metaRating": 0, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 11, "city": "V\u00e4nersborg", "username": "Uhlew", "firstname": "Dennis", "countryCode": "SWE", "avatarUrl": "http://s2.voddler.com/33399/assets/imageservice/avatar/3/e/3ee7d76375cd28a9d189d2aabd556e1d29e9468f203505b3e0d92b0431b06127.jpg", "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "m", "age": 37, "userId": "2721821230466179313", "numUsersFollowing": 5, "lastname": "Molander", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2721821230466179313", "creationDate": 1318274143, "id": "2798385727583995322"}, {"body": "It's funny how that rugged police role fits Mr. Willis so well. This one is definitely one to watch, it's not something you would expect. Good entertainment, nice work!. In fact I'm more of a David Morse fan than Bruce Willis fan.", "itemId": "2721821284152390586", "title": null, "metaRating": 0, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": "", "username": "zuulish", "firstname": "Juha", "countryCode": "FIN", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "m", "age": 36, "userId": "2798385718494582292", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "Salmi", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2798385718494582292", "creationDate": 1317842294, "id": "2798385727431377722"}, {"body": "5/5 =) good movie", "itemId": "2721821284152390586", "title": null, "metaRating": 0, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 1, "city": null, "username": "fredde1337", "firstname": "fredrik", "countryCode": "SWE", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 3, "gender": "m", "age": 24, "userId": "2756645979500148754", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "v", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2756645979500148754", "creationDate": 1314111274, "id": "2798385726193759034"}, {"body": "Expected half-stupid action and an overplayed screw-up criminal getting saved from the world by the had-been drunk cop on his last day before retiring.\n\nGot high quality, low action impact. Where persons get to change in believable ways. \nBelievable characters on all ends in realistic settings with high grade actor performance.\n\n4/5 for the heavy clich\u00e9 use ...\n\nAnd that is the downside standard Hollywood happy ending ... had it only been British or Italian ;-)", "itemId": "2721821284152390586", "title": null, "metaRating": 0, "isSpoiler": true, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": null, "username": "Bo.Staahle", "firstname": "Bo", "countryCode": "DNK", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "m", "age": 39, "userId": "2756645979926321465", "numUsersFollowing": 3, "lastname": "St\u00e5hle", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2756645979926321465", "creationDate": 1313248693, "id": "2798385725856726714"}, {"body": "Bra film och Bruce Willise \u00e4r som alltid bra. :) 5/5 (y)", "itemId": "2721821284152390586", "title": null, "metaRating": 0, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": null, "username": "Emelie.1", "firstname": "Emelie", "countryCode": null, "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "f", "age": 18, "userId": "2721821230515631614", "numUsersFollowing": 2, "lastname": "Ollas", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2721821230515631614", "creationDate": 1313185415, "id": "2798385725837428922"}, {"body": "16 Blocks handlar om en polis som st\u00e4lls inf\u00f6r ett val ochm\u00e5ste leva med f\u00f6ljderna av sitt val. Filmen utspelar sig under n\u00e5gra timmar och en epilog som visar hur det blev efter n\u00e5gra \u00e5r. Bruce g\u00f6r en bra roll.", "itemId": "2721821284152390586", "title": null, "metaRating": 0, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": null, "username": "SysterSister", "firstname": "Inger", "countryCode": "SWE", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "f", "age": 45, "userId": "2749256203885572463", "numUsersFollowing": 0, "lastname": "Nilsson", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": false}, "ownerId": "2749256203885572463", "creationDate": 1313166980, "id": "2798385725824349114"}]}