{"numComments": 4, "comments": [{"body": "This movie has it all! Humor, sorrow, tears of joy, fantasy, flamboyance, good music, great actors - you name it!\nEven if it gets a bit monotone in a few parts - this is definetly a movie for you who wants to take part of a fantastic life story! I gave this one a 4 out of a 5! Kevin Spacey have done a fantastic job with this peice!", "itemId": "2721821284152437463", "title": null, "metaRating": 0, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": null, "username": "LadyDarkness", "firstname": "Sandra", "countryCode": null, "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "f", "age": 26, "userId": "2724623235204647374", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "Gustafsson", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2724623235204647374", "creationDate": 1271284521, "id": "2724623241406171735"}]}