{"numComments": 81, "comments": [{"body": "Britisk humor n\u00e4r den \u00e4r som b\u00e4st, klart sev\u00e4rd!\nSe \u00e4ven; \"The Whole Nine Yards\".", "itemId": "2798385723476414602", "title": null, "metaRating": 4, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 34, "city": "", "username": "Xeviuz", "firstname": "rickard", "countryCode": "SWE", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 2, "gender": "m", "age": 36, "userId": "2798385715278668137", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "belfrage", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2798385715278668137", "creationDate": 1311258006, "id": "2798385725104265866"}, {"body": "very funny my mom laughed all the time and the rest was very nice so if you dont watch it you dont got any sence of humor :D 10/5 you completely have to see it and recommend the movie to EVERYBODY you now!!! :D", "itemId": "2798385723476414602", "title": null, "metaRating": 4, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": "Stockholm", "username": "hektor950", "firstname": "hektor", "countryCode": "SWE", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "m", "age": 24, "userId": "2788189940790428435", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "yberg Ventegodt", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2788189940790428435", "creationDate": 1308779559, "id": "2798385724142499466"}, {"body": "Original and funny plot. Be sure to see this one for light entertertainment. Not for too sensitive people as it involves jokes around murder and blood ;) 4.5 / 5\n\nGF says: Delightful surreal movie!", "itemId": "2798385723476414602", "title": null, "metaRating": 3, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": null, "username": "steeltoe", "firstname": "Frank", "countryCode": "NOR", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "m", "age": 38, "userId": "2725919129558068373", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "Schmidt", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2725919129558068373", "creationDate": 1321910060, "id": "2798385729335187722"}, {"body": "This is a worthy film that I would recommend to everyone that like to see something a bit different. Really funny and action-filled movie that will make you stuck at your current position!", "itemId": "2798385723476414602", "title": null, "metaRating": 3, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 7, "city": null, "username": "Lixzia", "firstname": "Moses", "countryCode": null, "avatarUrl": "http://s2.voddler.com/33399/assets/imageservice/avatar/d/0/d0ba8ca63d80fe3a5ce2986e3f26f255b43720ef9a4dba9371e7c79ca0c9d928.jpg", "numVideosInFavorites": 3, "gender": "m", "age": 32, "userId": "2721821230487871882", "numUsersFollowing": 2, "lastname": "Johansson", "privacyMode": "PUBLIC", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2721821230487871882", "creationDate": 1311337120, "id": "2798385725132971914"}, {"body": "Underbar film , rekommenderas !! 15 upp.", "itemId": "2798385723476414602", "title": null, "metaRating": 2, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 2, "city": null, "username": "Bojanjudge", "firstname": "Johnny", "countryCode": "SWE", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 1, "gender": "m", "age": 48, "userId": "2749256204174249237", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "Bojestig", "privacyMode": "PUBLIC", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2749256204174249237", "creationDate": 1326054544, "id": "2798385731240219914"}, {"body": "One of the best free movies in Voddler. Original, funny, exciting...", "itemId": "2798385723476414602", "title": null, "metaRating": 2, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": "Ruokolahti", "username": "solifer82", "firstname": "Janne", "countryCode": "FIN", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "m", "age": 30, "userId": "2767463787035341945", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "V\u00e4\u00e4t\u00e4inen", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2767463787035341945", "creationDate": 1315820440, "id": "2798385726788789002"}, {"body": "Lysande rollinsatser, mycket asgarv, men ganska sparsam p\u00e5 romantiken. Otroligt sev\u00e4rd \u00e4nd\u00e5!", "itemId": "2798385723476414602", "title": null, "metaRating": 2, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 4, "city": "", "username": "Scienceboy", "firstname": "Erik", "countryCode": "SWE", "avatarUrl": "http://s2.voddler.com/33399/assets/imageservice/avatar/3/6/36a56e3d0f790d5693a6c9c32b388572c2b00d390aafaff0387af9db97b4b15b.jpg", "numVideosInFavorites": 3, "gender": "m", "age": 20, "userId": "2798385716847889595", "numUsersFollowing": 2, "lastname": "Lundqvist", "privacyMode": "PUBLIC", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2798385716847889595", "creationDate": 1313952346, "id": "2798385726139014922"}, {"body": "it was a funny movie", "itemId": "2798385723476414602", "title": null, "metaRating": 2, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": "\u00c5LESUND", "username": "Trymmen", "firstname": "Trym", "countryCode": "NOR", "avatarUrl": "http://s2.voddler.com/33399/assets/imageservice/avatar/f/e/fe004acaaed5b70321ca7e8e9caed12b9e2386fbc533f51b4b6ec3aa6ac231fb.jpg", "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "m", "age": 29, "userId": "2774480798213438448", "numUsersFollowing": 1, "lastname": "Engvik", "privacyMode": "PUBLIC", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2774480798213438448", "creationDate": 1310157123, "id": "2798385724671675274"}, {"body": "Rar, charmig och med ett par riktigt roliga sk\u00e4mt.", "itemId": "2798385723476414602", "title": null, "metaRating": 2, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": "", "username": "AnnaIME", "firstname": "Anna", "countryCode": "SWE", "avatarUrl": null, "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "f", "age": 44, "userId": "2798385714640647377", "numUsersFollowing": 0, "lastname": "Eliasson", "privacyMode": "PUBLIC", "hasPublicProfile": false}, "ownerId": "2798385714640647377", "creationDate": 1309252951, "id": "2798385724342902922"}, {"body": "5/5.. helt j\u00e4vla underbar film..", "itemId": "2798385723476414602", "title": null, "metaRating": 2, "isSpoiler": false, "ownerVideoRating": 0, "user": {"numVideosInPlaylist": 0, "city": "G\u00f6teborg", "username": "whitewater", "firstname": "Daniel", "countryCode": "SWE", "avatarUrl": "http://s2.voddler.com/33399/assets/imageservice/avatar/1/a/1a6af603b7d88c9335776dbaad2f6b44cacb7404ab76715b43df17e0dfeb4acd.jpg", "numVideosInFavorites": 0, "gender": "m", "age": 32, "userId": "2721821230515342676", "numUsersFollowing": 2, "lastname": "Larsson", "privacyMode": "CLOSED", "hasPublicProfile": true}, "ownerId": "2721821230515342676", "creationDate": 1306786722, "id": "2798385723604614282"}]}