Voddler Social

Like all film lovers, we don't just love to watch film, we love to talk about film too. We suspect you are like us: you love to discuss films, compare notes, disagree on performances, and share tips. 

Now, with Voddler Social, you can continue to share, review, and discuss films with your friends just like you always have. 

Build your own circle of film friends in just a few clicks. Just click follow when you find a reviewer you like - or email a friend to join you on Voddler!  You can also import all your Facebook-friends to quickly create your own buzzing film circle

Enjoy Voddler Social's various features, such as:

  • Let your friends give you advice - automatically!. For every title, you can see directly if any of your friends have seen that movie – and what they thought of it!  
  • See what your friends watch and like. The Feed keeps you constantly updated with what your friends and you are doing on Voddler: ratings, reviews, videos watched, and much more.


  • Create your own film club "automagically". Connect your Voddler account with your Facebook-login to create a large, buzzing network of your own film loving Facebook friends directly here on Voddler. 
  • Rate and review – and share your tips to Facebook and Twitter. Let the rest of the world know which movies you like or dislike. Rate and review on Voddler.com – and then share your thoughts to your Facebook- or Twitter-accounts.

Learn more about Voddler Social:
  1. Get started with Voddler Social
  2. How can I see and use Voddler Social?
  3. Manage your Voddler Social profile
  4. Grow your social film circle with Facebook Connect 

1. Get started with Voddler Social

Starting to use Voddler Social is dead-easy:
  • It's all there, automagically. The minute you create your Voddler login, you automatically have access to Voddler Social's core features.  If you have had a Voddler account for a while, your social features have been automatically added. You choose yourself how much or little to share of your "voddling". Just manage your settings in your profile, which you reach by clicking "My account" (on the top of every page) and then "Privacy Settings".
  • Start building your own circle of film friends. To start seeing other people's tips and reviews, you need to build a circle of film friends. Just click follow when your find a reviewer you like! Or invite your friends to join you on Voddler by sending them an email from your account page (click "My account" and then "Privacy settings".)
  • Jumpstart your own film circle: Link your Facebook-account to Voddler. To make it easier to build your circle of film friends, we have put in place a solution that lets you connect your Facebook- and Voddler-accounts.  Just click "Connect with Facebook", either directly from the home page instead of logging in with your regular Voddler-login, or from your "Facebook-settings" page in the "My account"-section.

2. How can I see and use Voddler Social?

Once you login to Voddler, our social features are most visible in two specific places:

  • On every title page: See directly if any of your friends have see then movie you  are about to see – and what they thought of it!

  • In the top navigation on every page: No matter which page you are on Voddler, your social features and your account settings are always available on top of the screen.

These are the options available in the social navigation bar:

  Feed - A constantly updated list of what your friends and you are doing on Voddler: ratings, reviews, videos watched, and much more.
  Favorites – Lists all the movies on Voddler that you have given a favorite – your heart! – rating.
  Playlist – Lists all the movies on Voddler that you have placed in your playlists. You decide whether the list should be movies you have seen, movies you want to see – or a combination of both.
  History – A list of all the movies you have watched on Voddler. 
  Following – A list of the other "Voddlerites" that you have chosen to follow, to see their ratings, reviews and film tips more easily. (If you have activated Facebook Connect, you'll also see which of your Facebook friends that are on Voddler.)
  Reviews – The reviews you have written on movies
  Notifications – Any news since you last logged into Voddler, such as new followers, new reviews from your friends, new ratings, etc.

3. Manage your Voddler Social profile

How much or little you want to show of your "voddling" is entirely in your hands. You decide what to show and when. This is how you configure your Voddler Social settings:

  1. After logging in to Voddler, click "My account", and then "Privacy settings"

  2. Decide whether or not to make public your "Favorites", your "Playlist", your "History", your "Following"-list, and your "Ratings and reviews", by clicking Yes or No for each option.  See the image below for more info. 

4. Grow your social film circle: Connect Facebook with your Voddler account!

On top of the built-in Voddler social features, use our "Connect to Facebook"-feature so you and your friends can share all your film talk on both Voddler and Facebook much more easily.

  1. Click "My account", and then "Facebook Settings".
  2. If you haven't already, click "Connect with Facebook" and follow the instructions to link your Voddler-account to your Facebook-account, to open up for seamless movie talks across the two systems.
  3. If you are the first of friends to use Voddler's Facebook Connect-feature, your friend list will be pretty empty until one of them joins. Just so you won't feel lonely, there is one friend already waiting, our own Voddler-Leo.
  4. Now, decide if you automatically want to publish to Facebook your "Ratings", "Reviews" and "Videos watched" . Also, decide how to keep your Voddler and Facebook accounts in sync in the future.  See the image below for more details.